• Amazons of the Dahomey Kingdom

    1 season

    A series that fully explores the history and culture of the Dahomean Amazons. Beginning with the Kingdom of Dahomey, what led to the formation of the warrior women, how they came about, why they were needed and then transitioning to the expeditions and events they carried out. We also include any...

  • Benin 1897: A Brief History

    A short 8 minute film exploring the great ancient Kingdom of Benin and its subsequent pillaging by British forces. The film was created for Digital Benin & Markk Hamburg Museum in Germany.

  • Basic Nigerian History

    6 seasons

    BNH is going to be like a crash course on Nigerian history, but along the way will also touch on other parts of West African history.

    Additional reading:
    A History of Nigeria. Toyin Falola
    History of West Africa Vol 1 ed. Ade Ajayi & Michael Crowder
    A Platter of Gold. Olasupo Shasore
    New Eredo ...

  • The History of Jollof Rice

    In this short story about Jollof rice, we discuss the origins and history of the most famous dish in west Africa; Jollof Rice and we try to find out where it originally came from, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Senegal or any other west African nation. And whilst we're at it, we also learn how to prepar...