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European Transatlantic Slave Trade

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Slavery In Africa Before Europeans

Season 2, Episode 1 • 8m 7s

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  • European Transatlantic Slave Trade

    Dr Catel briefly discusses the activities of Europeans during the transatlantic slavery era and how it affected the territory that became Nigeria. He also mentions notable figures such as Christopher Columbus, Bartholomew de la Casas, Vasco de Gama, the pope and others that were involved in the s...

  • Bight of Benin & Biafra

    In this episode, Dr Catel investigates both the Bight of Benin and the Bight of Biafra discussing the various powers that existed during that time. Discussing the oracle of Arochukwu, as well as ports in Badagry, Lagos, Calabar, Dahomey and bonny.

  • Nigerian Transatlantic Slavery Era

    Dr Catel discusses what the various nations and peoples in Nigeria were up to during the transatlantic slavery era. In this episode, we revisit nations such as Oyo Empire, Benin Kingdom, Kanem-Borno, Hausa Kingdoms, Kororofa and more.