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Junkun, Nupe and Igbo

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  • Junkun, Nupe and Igbo

    For Episode 7 of Basic Nigerian History, Dr Catel briefly discusses the Junkun, Nupe and Igbo people, giving a brief history and summary of each people.

  • Benin Kingdom

    Dr Catel investigates the Benin Kingdom one of the many ancient west African Kingdoms of Nigeria and also known as the Edo empire. He starts from their origin and discussing their rise, strength and opposition.

  • Oyo Empire

    Dr Catel discusses the Yoruba people, in particular the Oyo empire. Its beginnings and structure. Here we also learn a little about the Yoruba religion and orishas such as Oduduwa, Obataala, and Oranmiyan. The origin story of the people can be classified as a myth or legend.